It's the intention behind our actions that ignites true change.

About us

At the Love & Transformation Institute, we believe in the inherent potential within every individual to create meaningful change. Our mission is to catalyze this change by nurturing the values of love and transformation, not only within the hearts and minds but in the very fabric of society. Through a blend of innovative resources, dynamic workshops, and a supportive community, we are committed to empowering individuals and organizations to flourish in their pursuit of greater connection and purpose. Join us as we explore the depths of human potential and unlock the power of transformation.

"Transforming the world begins with the courage to be kind to one another."

Kent DelHousaye - Co-Founder

About Kent DelHousaye

Kent DelHousaye is a multifaceted leader serving as the non-profit director, executive coach, pastor, and professor. He is the visionary co-founder of the Love & Transformation Institute, dedicated to effecting change through love and leveraging God’s teachings to inspire society. With a 25 year tenure pastoring churches in California, Arizona, and Idaho, Kent has made significant impacts on church growth and leadership. He's an accomplished author, having written extensively on human health, cultural transformation, and fearless living, and contributes to academia as an adjunct professor at several prestigious institutions. Holding degrees in journalism, communication, and theology, Kent blends his expertise in executive coaching with his deep-rooted spiritual insights. As a longtime married father of three, Kent integrates his commitment to family with his passion for transformative leadership.

Join hands with us to shape a world where love leads to action.

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